Benalla Yarnbombers - Update

Here is the latest update around the progress towards our yarn bombing event – Benalla Rugged Up.


We have submitted our Event application; Waminda Community House is again covering us for insurance. As a gesture of appreciation, it would be great if people could join Waminda as a member. This is not mandatory, but they are helping us, and this is one way that we can help them increase their membership numbers (this in turn helps them with grant applications). Let me know if you would like a membership application. It only costs $5.
We have submitted a Community Sponsorship Grant application. We needed a not-for-profit incorporated organisation to sponsor this. This was not easy to find as many of the possibilities are already applying for a grant, and they can only apply for one per financial year – this was a reason for not asking Waminda to sponsor the grant application. The Gliding Club of Victoria have undertaken this role.
We have received a large quantity of donations from the community, including Cooinda and Estia Health.
Bollard covers and beanies have been allocated, although we have received a couple of new donations, and may have a look at how these could be used.
With the strips and squares we have received, we have almost completed the sewing together of as much as we can in the timeframe – perhaps the remainder can be put aside for next year
We have started sewing flowers (we have over 250) to ribbon for decorating the bridge – we will only have sufficient to do part of the bridge, and will concentrate on the town end.
We have a number of volunteers from ANZ bank to assist with the installation.
Some community organisations are also planning to decorate trees/poles in their own property, for example Cooinda and the Uniting Church.

The outstanding tasks are:

Finish sewing flowers to ribbons for the bridge
Allocate the material we have to the trees
Allocate volunteers to the various areas for installation

If you can help with any of these tasks, let me know. We are still working out of the Gliding Club building, but have moved to a ground floor room – actually we have three rooms. I plan to be there Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoon this week. The building is open form around 9:00 to 3:00 Monday-Wednesday and Friday. I can also arrange to be there on Monday afternoon and part of Thursday, or even later afternoon, early evenings on any day if anyone can help at those times. Just give me a call on 0417 065 351.

Our major priority now though is to identify extra volunteers to assist with the installation process. Without volunteers to help with the installation, all the effort to get us to this stage will not be successful.

Please contact me as a matter of urgency if you can assist with the installation on either Friday 2 August or Saturday 3 August. An hour or two on either day is all that we ask, or more if you are available. Just let me know what time/s you can help so I can set up a roster.

We are near the end, and with the material that we have received, we are quite excited about being able to achieve more than last year. Our town will be brightly coloured for August.

*Please note that this event and organisation process is by Benalla Yarnbombers - please contact them directly for enquiries.