BBN Dollars - Shop Local


How much would you like to spend?


This exciting initiative being offered by Benalla Business Network is aimed at recycling local dollars to strengthen and build resilience within our local community.

What are they?

  • It is a gift voucher that can be redeemed at any participating Benalla & district business. This includes service and trades as well as retail.
  • It is a gift voucher that takes the hassle out of knowing which business the recipient would prefer a gift from.....they can choose themselves.
  • It is the ultimate gift giving idea for those who do not live locally giving to recipients who do.
  • It is a programme that aims to keep Benalla dollars recycling locally.

How do they work?

The Benalla Business $ work like any other gift voucher. The difference being you are not tied to one store.

Where can I get them?

The vouchers can be purchased on-line or in person at Goulburn Murray Credit Union 30 Bridge St Benalla.

Where can I spend them?

There are many stores that accept the Benalla Business $. For a list click 'here', or look out in the store windows or on their website for the icon.

How long do I have to spend them?

The Benalla Business Dollar$ are valid for 3 years from the purchase date.

I am a business- what do I do if I have a customer with Benalla Business $?

If a customer purchases product with the Benalla Business $, you can claim the funds from Benalla Business Network by filling in a claim form, you can find this below. You can either post the form to BBN at PO Box 790 Benalla or bring the vouchers and the claim form into Goulburn Murray Credit Union. Funds will be transferred direct to your business account within 48 business hours.

Bbn Dollars Retailer Redemption.pdf