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Jim's Handyman (Benalla & South Wangaratta)

Jim's Handyman (Benalla & South Wangaratta)

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  • 54 Eleven Mile Creek Rd,
    GLENROWAN WEST, Victoria 3675
  • Tel: 131 546... show phone number
  • Telephone: 131 546

Opening Hours

Please contact Warrick on 131 546 for all your handyman needs, seven days a weeks, for a prompt free quote.

About Jim's Handyman (Benalla & South Wangaratta)

Renovating? No worries !

Jim’s Handyman offers a variety of home repair and maintenance services in Benalla & Wangaratta. Whether its general handyman repairs or more complex renovation and maintenance, your local Jim’s handyman can do it all.

Jim's Handyman (Benalla & South Wangaratta) can assist with renovation and kitchen repairs including verandas, decks, pergolas, doors and bathrooms. For a free quote, give Warrick a call on 131 546.

Jim's Handyman (Benalla & South Wangaratta) is fully accredited, with Police Check, Working with Children Check, liability insurance and guarantees in place.

A local handyman can prove to be of great value for you. He can perform a number of tasks that are required in the home. From repairing a broken bench to installing an electrical bulb or fixing a broken pipe, handyman services can help you in maintaining your home. The following are a few of the services that are suitable for a handyman.

A local handyman is most suitable for small furniture repairs. For instance, if you have a broken bench or a chair that needs repair then a handyman is the right guy for this job. He can also prove to be of great help to you in refitting shelves and repairing cupboards and other furniture made of wood. Even if you want something redesigned, the handyman has the expertise and the skill to get the job done for you. In addition to wooden furniture, a handyman can be of use to you for repairing plastic and furniture made of metal as well.

Electrical installation is also one of the services that a handyman is perfectly suited for. He can switch any electric bulbs that have stopped functioning with new ones and install new appliances that you have bought. If you need help in relocating an appliance from one room to the next or want a new switch anywhere in your room, then the handyman can be your perfect ally. Aside from installations, the handyman can repair small defects in the electrical wiring and some appliances like fans and lighting fixtures.

Plumbing works is another service that a handyman excels in. If you have any pipes that have something stuck in them or they’re leaking water from somewhere then you should call a handyman to fix things up. A local handyman is aware of the types of pipes that have been used in your home and is going to be able to find the leak and fix the issue for a very small fee. Calling a plumber for such small repairs can cost you a lot of money.

Carpentry, remodeling, construction.
Ceiling repair
Ceramic tile repair
Cleaning roof, outside house, etc.
Concrete minor work
Curtain hanging
Door installation
Door repair
Dryer vent cleaning
Dryer vent installation
Drywall Installation
Drywall repair
Electrical wiring
Energy Updates
Fan installation
Fence fixing
Fireplace cleaning
Flat pack assembly
Flooring Installation and Repair
Foundation inspection.
Garage builder
Garage door openers
Garage doors
General Maintenance
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Repair
Heating system tune-up
Home inspections
Home security systems
Hot tubs and spas
Insulation installation (batts)
Kitchen and Bathroom installation
Lamp repairs
Locks adjustment
Moldings and door components installation
Paint removal
Pest control
Plumbing repairs (Basic)
Remodeling basements
Remodeling bathrooms
Remodeling kitchens
Safety modifications
Senior Living Modifications
Septic system repair
Shed builder
Shelf installation
Solar panel cleaning
Sprinkler repair
Sprinkler system installation
Stain removal
Staining furniture
Storage area construction
Storage area repair
Swimming pool maintenance

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