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Spot On Travel Pty Ltd

Spot On Travel Pty Ltd

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Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm
After hours by appointment.

About Spot On Travel Pty Ltd

Spot On Travel is a family owned and operated Travel Agency.  We are a proud member of the Independent Travel Group, AFTA Accredited and a member of CLIA.

Our small team of expert Travel Agents are committed to sustainable and ethical travel while creating exceptional travel experiences for their clients.  We will always offer our clients itineraries that align with our values.  Each of our Agents specialises in the area of travel that excites them the most, and we work as a team to continually improve the way we work with you.
Michelle is committed to offering travel options including travel for groups, seniors and people with disability.

We like to work with groups including schools, special interest, sports clubs and extended family groups, and we can tailor something to your budget and the needs of the group.

Our own experience with disability and slow travel includes Michelle's ongoing battle with arthritis that often sees her needing to travel with a mobility aid, and requires a slower pace of travel.  Navigating ancient landscapes and developing countries can be a nightmare for people with any level of mobility impairment, so we truly understand these travellers needs.

James (Jim) is loves to travel to the UK and Europe and uses this passion to build wonderful holidays and cruises for his clients. 

This includes: Authentic holiday experiences, Train travel, Cruises, Flights, Entrance to Attractions and tickets to events, Transfers, Expert Guides and Travel Insurance.

Jim and Michelle's daughter Cara lives in the UK where she works for the family business as our local representative.

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